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create positive change by becoming a circulencer.

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we are the marketplace for ethical and aesthetical everyday products. we love to join forces and make new friends. friends who dream about a ciruclar society. friends who are willing to make a positive change and inspire others to do the same.

our circulencer program

we are looking for like-minded instagram individuals who want to support our purpose of transforming mindless consumption into conscious commerce – no more compromises between ehtics & aesthetics. are you hooked? – read on.

why you should join

• you’ll will receive fantastic everyday products
designed to stop the compromise between ethics & aestehtics. we do not preselect products you might like. we invite you to browse our marketplace to find a catch that delights you and your audience.

we join forces with closed-loop brands around the world.
no more need to talk with each brand individually. less administrative hassle for all of us.

• your content will be featured on our instagram profile and marketplace.
we do not only share your content. we also provide the instagram shopping feature, so that you can shop your look directly on instagram.

and c’mon - who else can call themselves a circulencer –
and make use of their voice for a circular society where humans and the environment live in harmony?

are you a good fit?

we’re looking for individuals who are into consciousness, sustainability, circularity and of course aesthetics. we expect you to have at least 4K followers and create aesthetic content.
we hope that you’re a great storyteller, too! our products are probable the most thrilling ones, as they are designed for conscious commerce - no more guilt!

our expectations

we want to collaborate with circulencersTM who are passionate about the shift towards a world in which humanity and the environment thrive together in harmony.
who have an audience that can relate and participate to making a positive impact. we love to collaborate together for the better!

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apply by sending us an e-mail with a link to your instagram profile:

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